Don’t Throw In The Towel Just Yet

Don’t Throw In The Towel Just Yet

Posted by Sunny Day Goods on Mar 18th 2022

When you think of styling a kitchen, your mind might flood with visions of appliances and utensils, but there is a crucial kitchen item that won’t be ignored: the kitchen towel. In addition to their ability to add a touch of personality to a space, kitchen towels are necessary for an array of tasks like cleaning up spills, drying off hands and dishes, holding hot plates, and more. So, if you’re looking to spice up your kitchen with stylish and on-trend designs, you’ve come to the right place.

Here, we’ve compiled a list of unique kitchen towels with fun designs that make ideal gifts for friends (or for yourself!).

For a monochromatic addition to your kitchen, choose from our expansive collection of jacquard woven towels. What makes these towels unique is the way the designs are woven directly into the fabric for added appeal. There are a variety of colors and designs on our site, including this one which is perfect for cat lovers.

This towel features a distressed sentiment which reads “Welcome To Adulthood, You Have A Favorite Spatula Now.” Like all of our towels, it’s conveniently machine washable, and its neutral color palette means it will fit seamlessly into any kitchen aesthetic. Do you know what pairs well with your favorite spatula? This towel, of course!

Bring some beachy vibes into your kitchen with this cotton kitchen towel. It features an ocean blue color with a “Drink In My Hand Toes In The Sand” sentiment that’s perfect for a seaside residence. If you can’t put your toes in the sand, then at least put a drink in your hand and this towel in your kitchen!

Any dog lover will adore this white cotton kitchen towel which features a design of dogs and a human sitting on a couch with “The Dogs Are In Charge We Just Live Here” sentiment. The black and white color palette allows it to blend in with any kitchen décor so it’s always there to remind you and your visitors of who’s in charge at your house.

If you struggle to admit that your mom was right about everything in life, we have the perfect towel for you. This beautiful cotton kitchen towel features a lovely shade of purple with an “OMG My Mother Was Right About Everything” sentiment and all-over floral designs that are perfect for spring.

Hopefully this introduction into our various kitchen towels entices you to add one of ours to your kitchen and to pick one up for a friend. If you like these towels, we have plenty more kitchen towels on our site, so be sure to check out the entire collection!